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We draw up a search plan for a search based on experience and knowledge gained. As a result of this search plan, a specific area is searched systematically and efficiently with the help of the dogs and handlers. For example, the search area may seem much too large at first. But through good cooperation with the police, family and friends, our teams can still achieve a good result. In addition, the mantrail / tracking dog can support you in the direction of the search area. This dog needs a scent of the missing person.

For the other dogs, the missing person does not have to be known by means of a beginner. The dogs will search those areas that give insufficient results for the human eye in finding the victim, such as water, dense bushes, debris, etc. The dog will there express any odor of a human body to the handler.

Since the dogs are broadly trained, they can trace a person in all kinds of situations (in the water, under the ground, under the rubble, or in the forest). The dogs are trained to refer people both alive and dead.

In this way, Signi search dogs can use her combinations in a variety of ways when missing.

What makes Signi’s work distinctive unique?

Intensive training

Signi Search Dogs trains her dogs 4-6 times a week. The divers make many hours of diving in a variety of conditions. Sonar operation exceeds 300 hours per year.


The deployable dogs, handlers and divers are experienced in finding missing persons. Training alone is not enough to find a missing (deceased) person.

Actual commitment

In the past 15 years, Signi Search Dogs is the only private organization that actually goes to disaster areas and has found people in the ruins.


Signi search dogs is the only private organization that has committed itself more than twice to the same missing person. This has resulted in solving very complex and lengthy missing cases, lasting up to 28 years.


Signi Search Dogs is the only private organization that has recovered drowned people without knowing the place of drowning or knowing that drowning was indeed the case. Groundbreaking: Signi Search Dogs is the only private organization that has solved cold cases, lasting up to 26 years.

Signi has the most experienced dogs in finding missing people, in disasters, on the water and by means of a track, operating in the Netherlands.

Help Signi Helpen!

Al het geld uit giften of donaties komt direct ten goede aan zoekacties naar vermiste personen.

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