In general, a missing person is unexpected. People who miss someone usually have no experience of what to do when someone is missing. A missing person brings with it a desperate feeling of helplessness, which is soon out of control.

With this manual, Signi search dogs wants to give you a guideline on how to act properly in the event of a missing person.

  • Once you suspect someone is missing, provide the necessary feedback by reaching out to friend (s) or family so that effective action can be taken
  • First check whether someone is actually ‘missing’ by checking whether the missing person has indicated where he or she has gone. Think of calling, friends / family / colleagues, computer data and an agenda.
  • In the case of a missing child, it is advisable to search in dangerous places first, but leave a friend behind at the place where the missing child was last seen and someone who is waiting for the child at home, so that the child does not start wandering. when he / or she returns.
  • As soon as a missing person becomes serious (the above is of no benefit and the absence clearly deviates from the normal lifestyle), contact the police first. In dangerous situations call 112, in other cases 0900-8844 or go to the nearest police station. It is advisable to bring a clear photo and to make an inventory of the clothes of that day.
  • The advice is to not disturb the personal living environment (room or house) of the missing person too much for a further police investigation.
  • Go all the places where the missing person likes to go, such as a park, water, a favorite place or a confidant.

The police

  • In a disturbing disappearance, the police can deploy dogs, a helicopter, search equipment and their own people to search.
  • Subsequently, the police will collect DNA and obtain information from family, friends, witnesses and information from the living environment and computer / agenda of the missing person.
  • Personal details will also be requested, such as telephone, car and bank details.
  • Later, if possible, camera images will also be requested.
  • Unfortunately, in some cases the police are limited in what they can or may do. If it concerns an adult and the missing person is not immediately life-threatening, the first 24 hours are usually awaited. If there are no indications of a crime, telephone data and camera images will again be more difficult or impossible to request.

What can you do yourself

  • Stay in good contact with the police. Pass on your findings and follow-up steps to the police, preferably to a permanent contact person. This makes it easier for the police to work and more can be done.
  • If necessary, appoint a (family) spokesperson. This gives emotional peace and you can work more efficiently
  • Contact Signi search dogs: the first few days are the most valuable for finding a missing person. Over time (days / weeks) it becomes more difficult to find someone in the water or by means of a scent trail. Signi search dogs can work excellently alongside the deployment of the police and also works in consultation with the police. So don’t wait too much with getting help! Valuable time is then lost. Signi will not charge any costs.
  • Find publicity through Facebook
  • Searching together: https://www.facebook.com/zoekjemee/?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser
  • Missing people The Netherlands: https://www.facebook.com/Vermiste-personen-Nederland-1440059669564420/?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser
  • Approach the media, preferably with a contact person. Turning on the media means a lot of comments, so be prepared for that.
  • Do not respond to tips from psychics! Psychics have never solved a case.

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