Free search

Missing people can sometimes be so confused and hypothermic that they get lost. If the mantrail dog cannot be used to the end of the track (for example, due to the “wandering” and many laps of the victim or due to the age of the track), the freely searching dog takes over.

The dogs are trained to track down dead people, so-called corpse dogs or cadaver dogs. They are used for possible suicide cases and in certain cases where murder is a scenario. In the latter case, the dogs can point to a buried body in the ground. It is also possible that a person got into the water while walking as a result of an accident or other reasons. In the Netherlands, it appears that a missing person usually ends up in the water. Our dogs are then an indispensable key point in searching large areas in our water-rich Netherlands.

Additional resources

While searching in the forest, the Garmin Astro 320-GPS dog tracker is used. With this device, the dog handler can see on a GPS exactly which route the dog has traveled and where the dog has stopped. As a result, the area searched can be properly mapped and suspicious places can be recorded. The handler can also recall the dog in time when approaching a busy road.

Soil investigation

Signi search dogs not only searches above the ground and under water, but also tracks down (murdered) victims who are underground. The dogs play an important role in tracking down the missing person. However, the older the missing, the bigger the scent stain for the dogs. This is due to the spread of the odor by groundwater and underground animals (insects, moles, etc.). The “grave” is also unrecognizable due to influences from nature. Signi therefore uses tools to arrive at an exact location, which consist of:


Can be used to trace metals underground. Particularly used for war victims who have a lot of metal with them.


Can be used to feel loose soil and if necessary. “Seem to perceive” smells.


Until now Signi has been dependent on third parties for a ground radar. Bombs Away supports Signi in common cases.

Help Signi Helpen!

Al het geld uit giften of donaties komt direct ten goede aan zoekacties naar vermiste personen.

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