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Signi search dogs owes her results to the unbridled efforts of the volunteers and the dogs. In addition, the foundation is dependent on donors to purchase and maintain supporting material. The material can sometimes be critical to the success of a search. Thanks to her sponsors, Signi search dogs uses the following materials:


  • Small boat¬†with sonar equipment for searches on calm water and water with limited accessibility.

  • Lifeboat with built-in side-scan sonar, for actions in medium water.
    This robust boat is versatile in use and can therefore also take a beating.

  • The Signi RIB, can be used on medium and large water, also at sea. Equipped with all conceivable equipment.

Underwater equiqment

  • Underwater camera to visualize a body of a drowned person underwater or to view an object.
  • Metal detector to detect a car under the sand in the water.
  • ROV: Deep vision supports Signi search dogs with underwater equipment, such as an ROV, an underwater robot.

Sonar equiqment

A Humminbird side-scan sonar in combination with a 360 degree sonar combined with a G.P.S. , which can be used in a very diverse way. Because the dogs greatly reduce the search area, interpretation of the sonar images can be used to provide a faster and more targeted answer. In addition, Signi’s RIB has an advanced Garmin sonar system.




  • A metal detector to detect metals underground.
  • Dredge equipment with which a drowned person can be dredged. This is especially important if currents or low water temperatures make diving more difficult.
  • A prod to feel in loose soil and possibly detect ‘corpse odor’.
  • A ground radar to observe anomalies underground, for example a grave or a body.
  • A G.P.S. to record important locations while searching in nature reserves.
  • Garmin Astro 320-GPS dog tracker: While searching in the forest, the Garmin Astro 320-GPS dog tracker is currently being used. This allows the dog handler to see on a GPS exactly which route the dog has traveled and where the dog has stopped. As a result, the area searched can be properly mapped and suspicious spots can be recorded. The handler can also recall the dog in time when approaching a busy road. Suspicious places such as a location where someone has been sitting for a long time or where objects have been left behind cannot be overlooked in this way.

Help Signi Helpen!

Al het geld uit giften of donaties komt direct ten goede aan zoekacties naar vermiste personen.

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